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15 July 2018


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Baka Bina

It was poor judgement to accept the refugee camps but it is suggested that Nauru should use the money to reclaim their denuded land.

What Nauru needs is shiploads of excavated dump soil from the numerous major infrastructure works around Papua New Guinea, including the deep sea mining excavations.

The mining waste stones from Lihir, Kurumbukari and now Freida mine can be exported.

Coffee pulp in the highlands are wasted by the thousands every year and they make instant black soil. If this is dried and added with coffee husks, they will with the waste soil instantly fill and reclaim the denuded land up and probably a beach or two.

They can trade the costs for having the refugee center to pay for these reclamation projects.

If anyone in Nauru is reading PNG Attitude, why not adopt this radical proposition.

Otherwise ask in the Chinese. They know how to turn a reef outcrop into an inland. These cache of denuded coral outcrop reclamation work will be peanuts for them.

The Chinese can have a base or two and the world a political politically correct conundrum but the people of Nauru will get back their identity as a people and a place they call their own.

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