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21 July 2018


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Dominica Are

I'm glad you all enjoyed this inspirational story. The kindness of strangers, though it may be a tiny act, really means a lot and its surely a story to tell.

It is every parents prayer that our children grow up happy and healthy.

There are many trials and tribulations in life. It made me stop and think that my daughter will inevitably come across the same issues but whatever happens I wish she'd never settle for less.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments.

Philip Fitzpatrick

That's a great story Dominica - made my morning.

Douglas Nasenom

A truly inspiring story, thanks for sharing.

Daniel Kumbon

Brianna's smile, I hope will never be erased from her face - born at a time when GBV is an issue in PNG.

The man who will be her partner will read this one day to love and respect her as a woman - a child who grew up surrounded with much love and care.

Vanessa Gordon

What a lovely story of hope. Brianna is a little trouper and I’m sure she will grow up to do amazing things.

Garry Roche

Dominica, I had to look up ‘parotid abscess’, can’t remember hearing about it before. A well told factual tale, keeping us in some suspense until the end. And an interesting observation about the welcoming attitude of the other patients, the ‘kindness of strangers’. Hope all continues well.

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