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16 July 2018


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Sandy Patton

So well said, after many trips & feeling for them, I have the same attitude.

They are so warm & welcoming to visitors; it's a long history of violence towards their fellow man.

I hope the areas I am working in will see a change, even if it's slight for the better.

I can't help but feel the mining companies don't do enough.
I witnessed someone being shot because they were scratching for a few grams of gold to feed their families.
They were Barrick security, how does that work?

If they honour their word to the people they would be happy.

John Byrne

A brilliant synopsis of an amazing country where l have lived with my Papua New Guinean wife (from the Highlands) for the past five years and the ples l call home.

The dichotomy and polarity you have described so succinctly is prevalent and as you say, the people are amazingly resilient, intelligent and have a thirst for betterment.

PNG, the Land of the (Unexpected) Opportunity. If we can get right.

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