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07 July 2018


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Chris Overland

Having read Eric's article as referenced in Phil's post, it is evident he has been affected the same way as the rest of us who lived and worked in PNG.

The frequent kindness, generosity and good humour of the people is really something to behold. Yet there also is great violence, cruelty and inhumanity as well.

What is the real PNG? It is the conundrum that I have never been able to solve and I don't think that anyone else has either.

So Eric will be left like the rest of us, with an enduring love for PNG and its peoples which is tinged with more than a little bewilderment and sadness.

Denise Stevens

Congratulations Natalie! Very exciting! Can't wait to hear your reports. You have the energy, confidence, intellect, wisdon and empathy to face the challenges.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Here are Eric's parting words.

Well-worth reading.

John Highfield | Twitter

PNG is a wonderful patch to cover, and there are so many important stories for someone of your talent to communicate.

Sean [Dorney], Eric [Tlozek] and others have cleared the path - it's yours to walk!

The others include the two Liams - Fox and Cochrane - both of whom were first rate PNG correspondents. We who are PNGophiles have been well served by the young journalists the ABC has assigned to this beat - KJ

Richard Dinnen | Twitter

Welcome to the small but always entertaining group - the ABC PNG correspondents. You will do great. Congratulations!

Max Uechtritz | Facebook

She'll have all our full support.

Noel Pascoe | Facebook

I’m confident she will keep up the fine tradition of covering the country fairly and in a balanced way.

Chris Courtney | Twitter

We don't hear or see enough reporting from our closest neighbours, especially the trading communities that visit the Torres Straight communities in Queensland. Look forward to seeing her reports.

Charlie Lynn | Facebook

Eric Tlozek will be missed - he developed a genuine empathy with the people he dealt with in PNG and a realistic awareness of the challenges they face.

Natalie's appointment should be welcomed in view of the even greater challenges faced by women in in PNG today.

Vanessa Gordon

Exciting adventures ahead for Natalie. Wishing her all the very best.

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