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03 June 2018


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More like finger puppets.

Apart from the fact that 'some' leaders are crooked, we have to also consider the kind of leaders we vote for in elections.

Numu and Basil are examples of 'eye-blinding' 'two-tongued' leaders who say one thing yet do another.

I appeal to the people of PNG to choose leaders based on their character and not their wealth and lies in the next election to come.

"Government of the people, by the people, for the people".

This famous quote on democracy has been abused by PNG political leaders. We are just numbers updated every ten years to cast votes. After voting, we have no rights, no privileges and no voice. Laws are even enacted to save them.

Jimmy, hence the expression 'puppet on a string'.

Crooked leaders serve their self interest. Shallow and immature leaders walk into the clutches of O'Neill only to be manipulated like puppets.

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