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18 June 2018


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Post Courier today has report from Jeffrey Elapa that follows from the "Southern Highlands Regional seat issue before the Supreme Court", stating "the matter was dismissed by the National Court two months ago, on June 14."

The report goes on "...This forced supporters to take the law into their hands..."

Possibly reporter or Post Courier editor or both might reconsider that use of the "forced" word.

Recognition and respect is what rural folk do well, where fearlessness and fidelity are founded in trust.
Recognition accrues to leaders who attend.

Rejection avails at absence and awaits on pretence.

It sure does sound familiar Phil. Bryan's example should resonate with most of us lapuns who went through the same learning curve.

There should be more of Bryan Kramers and less of those who are causing their country to implode

I see the easy way out is to blame someone else and take an overseas trip to where you will be feted to your face and white anted behind your back.

We should make Bryan an honorary kiap - what he did in Madang was essentially what the kiaps would have done.

Brian, your leadership stature and physical height are both greater than Peter O'Neil.

There's no comparison with leprechauns, perhaps with those infamous bush-dwarves from some places in PNG.

That would explain a lot of things, and in particular Peter's ability to make money disappear.

Mendi, Tari, wherever there's gas and oil, civilisation is bound to burn.

Sooner or later people will consume each other like wild beasts.

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