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22 June 2018


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Vanuatu is now seeking Australia to bank it's new 'viagara' cable.

The word in the front bar of the Pamuk and Banjo is that Peter Botten has been taken to China as a body double for the PM.

Comment of the year - KJ

Propaganda Trade Deals...

The Chinese are saying to Vanuatu....One Belt, One Road trade deal is a very significant trade initiative which connects several famous trading countries of the world. It will connect around 65 countries to trade in a multilateral environment.

Vanuatu as a signatory to the pacer-plus will be in a difficult and complicated position now to access this trade deal due to the terms and conditions of the Pacer-plus.

PNG, Fiji and East Timor are not signatories to Pacer plus so they are free to engage in such trade deals. In essence, these three countries didn’t want to rush themselves in accepting Australian propaganda trade deals.

They wait and analyze because they fully know that there are better trade deals than Pacer plus. The more trade deal you sign, the more you complicate your trading system and rules

It's interesting that Peter Botten, the Managing Director of Oilsearch, has accompanied the O'Neill caravan to China.

Has he gone along to keep O'Neill under scrutiny or is Oilsearch cooking up some sort of deal with China?

Natural gas from PNG is of great interest to the Chinese and there are new fields opening up shortly.

Very intriguing.

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