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22 June 2018


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Thanks Jimmy. I am pretty sure you have plenty tumbuna stories from your end. Please record, translate and publish them. That's the only way to preserve them.

I screen foreign research applications for research visas on a daily basis. There are so many linguists and anthropologists coming to PNG to study our languages and cultures for their Masters and PhDs.

PNG is a linguistic heaven for them. Foreign researchers and academics document, record, transcribe and compile our languages and traditional knowledge. They publish academic papers and books.

As learned PNGians, we can help preserve some of our own stories and traditional knowledge for future generations.

Thanks Helen. Email me: and I'll assist you.

Congrats Jordan for the effort that is remarkable and self sufficient and of educational value.

This looks amazing. Would love to buy for my kids and the school I work at in POM. How do I do this?

Thanks Phil for the review. I was concerned that my people's stories would be gone when the old people passed on. I wanted to preserve the stories for future generations to read and appreciate our unique culture and traditions.

So I started recording the stories during my Christmas vacation in 2016 and 2017. It took a while to translate them to English. Some words in my native language are difficult to translate.

In any case I hope I’ve been able to do the translations reasonable justice and to provide stories in English – with illustrations from Tamara – which readers will find enjoyable and perhaps challenging.

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