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19 June 2018


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The majority of Australians can claim at least four 'races' in their ancestry. It's time we stopped obsessing about race and concentrated on just being people.

And the 'right to be a bigot' was one of the more regrettable comments by George Brandis, former Attorney General, who has now been forced to leave parliament for a tasty sinecure as High Commissioner to the UK.

What worries me more is the entrenched bigotry of populist politicians and their media cheerleaders. What encourages me is that most Australians have a well-developed bullshit meter and are pretty tolerant.

At out local post office just the other day, the assistant looked at Rose and said "are you from New Guinea?" This raised the antenna, until she replied with a smile "such lovely people, I'd love to go there one day!"

My own ancestry includes English, Italian, Finnish and Spanish which presumably accounts for my language, temperament, tolerance of cold and late nights - KJ

Surely this as a topic has been aired previously, Phil? Has there elapsed ten years of attitude with but inklings on the construct of grouping?

Surely there are more ‘isms’ than those 234 in the linked list? For instance, the list include racism but racialism.

For ‘race’, as a reduction to a single word, for advantage in expression and duration, see:

For ‘race’, as a reappraisal discussion in context of society in USA, see:
and for commentary, see such as at:

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