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28 June 2018


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That is the fact of what's going on right now so our government of today should rise up and do something like developing effective policies as guidelines for the young ones involving in such activities.

Leaders responsible should do something to help them if they are there really for the people.

They must know that they are chosen by the people and they are there for the people, therefore they have to do the right thing for the people of this country. Ignoring your own people is an unbearable shame.

It's about time we all join hands together,do what we can to help these ignorant ones in big or small ways and bring change to our community.

Marijuana is a high problem.

Thank you Philip for the article.

I agree that domestic use of marijuana is a problem but we also have an even worse one when smugglers exchange high powered weapons for it.

I was astonished to see photos of protesters in the Southern Highlands recently carrying very sophisticated high powered weapons. Where do they come from?

Jerry Singirok wrote a very incisive paper on this some years ago. The problem has worsened since.

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