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08 June 2018


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This is great, Jordan. Congratulations!

All this time I have been imagining lives after Phil Fitzpatrick and Keith Jackson, especially for us PNG writers.

Thank you so much, Jordan. I believe momentous event itself will push more Papua New Guineans into writing. Many I know have just put their writings in the drawer because of the obvious.

Thanks Michael and Rashmii. Rashmii can offer her editorial flair and Michael can use his poetic wand to help assist upcoming writers.

Tok save, my fourth book is now available on Amazon. A total of 10 books published by JDT Publications now. Link below:

You are awesome, Jordan!


Jordan has done the best thing ever.


Thanks Phil and Keith. Couldn't have come this far without you both plus Ed Brumby and Chips Mackellar. Eventually, PNG writers will have to rise up to the occasion to write, edit and publish our own work.

This is something that Keith and I have been gently pushing along since we set up the Crocodile Prize.

With Jordan's initiative we have someone who has finally taken up the challenge.

He is a worthy successor of what we started with Pukpuk Publications. And he's better at it to boot!

There is no reason why other writing entrepreneurs cannot do exactly what Jordan has done.

I think I can now gratefully put Pukpuk to bed.

Thanks Simon. I've been searching for a publisher for years. As a writer, it's discouraging that there's no dedicated publisher in PNG.

Abroad, PNG writers don't stand a chance. I've sent my manuscripts to almost all traditional publishers in US, UK, Australia.

After waiting for months, they respond that they’re unable to publish my work at this time or they do not publish poetry, etc. Almost every publisher charges thousands of kina to self-publish your book.

My novel "Tama'gega - Fatherless Child" was accepted for publication by two major publishing companies in UK: Austin Macauley Publishers and Olympia Publishers.

Comments from Austin Macauley Publishers:

"The Board praised your evocative and vibrant use of language...there were certain reservations put forward. We are unable to ascertain the commercial success of your work. We do however feel that your work deserves to be published and given the opportunity to be launched for the reading public alongside other famous publications."

Comments from Olympia Publishers:

"Thank you for your patience during this process, I understand it can be tedious awaiting responses from publishers regarding your writing. However, we have now completed our evaluations of your work ‘Tama’gega – Fatherless Child’.

"Over the past few weeks my colleagues and I have been discussing various aspects of your book and have agreed that your novella is well-written with an absorbing narrative, we see potential in the work. We believe that it deserves a chance to reach the general readership and this can be achieved with the marketing capabilities we can provide.

"As I’m sure you know – as it is explained on our website – we receive hundreds of submissions each month, many of which are rejected, when we accept a work we can offer either a traditional publishing contract or a contribution-based publishing contract. At this time, I can proudly state that we would love to publish your work under the Olympia banner and wish to make a contribution-based offer for ‘Tama'gega – Fatherless Child’.

"Please consider this offer carefully. This will be a one-off, finite figure. Any future costs, to cover marketing over the lifetime of the book, will be covered by Olympia."

Both publishers offered "contribution based" contracts of GBP2,200 (approx K9,500). I don't have that much money so I couldn't publish my book with them.

That's how I came up with the idea to start a publishing firm for PNG writers. I am offering publishing packages that are affordable and easy on the pocket of struggling PNG writers at the same time produce quality books that are on par with big name publishers.

Jordan - I want to congratulate you for the bold initiative, that you took to set up the publishing house to publish books written by Papua New Guineans.

You are indeed an answer to the prayer of many writers in this nation.

Your effort is the icing on the cake for the work done by Keith Jackson and his associates including Phil Fitzpatrick and others to promote writing in PNG.

Looking forward to publish one of my books with your organisation.

Let’s all dream big, dare the heights and reach for the stars, so that literature produced by PNGeans make their mark in our literary universe.

Solo die Gloria!

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