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10 June 2018


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You reckon they like the comments but hate the article Paul?

Could be I guess. I've never been able to work out what pulls the readers in to Attitude. I guess that's because it's a diverse audience.

No one from the diaspora has commented yet - that's what I was hoping to attract.

Phil, maybe it was because half of the comments were from both of us?

There is another element that Keith and Rashmii indirectly alerted me to via email, and that is envy.

This element suggests that people in Papua New Guinea are envious of their relatives and wantoks who have moved to Australia, mainly because of the economic advantages they are experiencing.

An article about those people in Australia might, therefore, pique their interest. They might see their relatives and wantoks in Australia being selfish and not adhering to the Melanesian Way of sharing any windfalls.

There might even be a perception that those people who have moved to Australia have deliberately done so to avoid passing on any benefits of their own enterprise to their relatives and wantoks.

Statistics are sadly lacking about the Papua New Guinean diaspora in Australia and we don't know whether these people send remittances back home.

We know that Pacific Islanders in New Zealand send heaps of money home. The economy in places like the Cook Islands actually depend on these remittances.

My sense would be that Papua New Guineans returning home for a visit arrive bearing gifts rather than regularly sending remittances.

It's all quite curious.

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