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14 June 2018


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Thanks Daniel, what you have written is so true. Down here in Australia people do not really need Facebook. They have good newspapers, TV, radio, telephones, etc plenty of ways they can talk to their friends around the world.

You and I have Facebook. I am just amazed at how I can quickly talk on the Facebook Chatline with people all over the world at any time of the day for free... I'm on my computer , so it is no extra cost.

But I can see how Facebook can be abused and people can defame other people on Facebook and there is no way Facebook will be able to censor it all.

It is censoring certain types of photos, which is a good thing.

Facebook is constantly developing so I wonder "where it is going". At the moment I feel the people behind it are probably "good " people but I can see how, in the wrong hands, it could be used badly. I guess "false news" is one of them.

Best wishes with your writing.

Last month, one of my friends mentioned here, Chemi was on safari to her home country, Tanzania and was returning to the US via Amsterdam. A day ago she confronted a cruel taxi driver in Boston.

I was able to follow her on facebook and I was able to share my experience too as well as many of her friends..

Chemi Whitlow is feeling angry.
• 19 hrs •

I'm back in Boston. At Logan airport, Indian or Pakistani driver refused to take me on grounds that I had too much luggage (2 suitcases, a duffel bag and a carryon bag) Mind you, his cab a huge trunk.

The taxi that took me had a smaller trunk and everything fit, with room to spare. I have filed a complaint with Boston Hackney of the Boston Police. Reason, after telling me, I had too much luggage, he called the white couple behind me to take his cab.

I told the driver he was a racist and I told the couple, they were benefiting from white privilege. The woman didn't want to take that cab, but the man she was with agreed to take it.

The man dispatching people to cabs at the airport even told the driver, he should have tried to put the luggage in, before making that statement to me. And they wonder why Uber and others are thriving!


Daniel Kumbon - Chemi, I had a similar incident with an Indian/Pakistani cab driver in Cairns Australia in 2016. Even though I approached him first, he overlooked me and preferred another couple of European origin.

I forced myself into the cab and told him to take us (me and my wife) to the hotel. It was in the night and I had to do that, knowing that the cab didn't belong to him.

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