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25 June 2018


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Vale Leo Hannett. I first met Leo shortly after my posting to Kieta with the Plant and Transport Authority in 1976.

Leo was the then Provincial Planner for the Bougainville Provincial Government and the assistance that he rendered me made it possible for me to function as a professional manager in what was a volatile situation within the Plant & Transport Authority in Bougainville, a case of tails wagging the dog or so they thought.

With Leo's full support the problems were quickly addressed, The tail wagger's services were dispensed with and I was able to get on with my job.

I take this opportunity to wish Leo Hannett's family condolences, And all the citizens of the North Solomon's all the very best in the future.

John Momis refers to the Catholic seminary at Madang. This seminary later moved to Bomana just outside Port Moresby. Two others mentioned by Momis, namely Theodore Miriung and Alexis Sarei were also students at the Seminary. Miriung was killed in 1996 during the Bougainville Civil War, Sarei was at one time Premier of the North Solomons province. Fred Reiher, a former diplomat, and Ignatius Kilage, former Governor General, were also students at the seminary at the same time. The magazine ‘Dialogue’ that Momis refers to did indeed cause a stir because of what was then considered radical thinking.

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