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10 June 2018


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If you wanted to do meaningful research on the impact of Facebook surely that would be best done while it is up and operating. How can you study it if you close it down. Clearly a fallacious argument.

Here is what Peter Ezekiel of the Gutnius Lutheran Church here in Wabag said about the ongoing debate on curtailing, limiting and shutting down Facebook in PNG:

……Our parliamentarians have become so hysterical given the level of negativity and public ridicule made against them by Facebook users, especially those with fake accounts.

In our church, Facebook has helped us give the message to our members about Lutheranism and the Word of God to more people than we have or can ever hope to do by any other means.

If powerful countries like the US enjoys the benefits of this cutting-edge technology why shut down facebook in PNG? Every day there is a barrage of negativity hurled against the President of the US but life goes on there.

Why should our politicians underpin democracy and freedom and deny churches to preach the word of God?

Politicians should instead follow the advice of our former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet who said on Facebook to "grow thicker skins".

Shutting down Facebook in PNG will not help the churches which have begun to use this effective media platform to preach and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God help PNG if this important platform is banned.

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