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23 June 2018


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One of my PNG friends was comparing what the Chinese are doing for PNG to what Australia has done and is doing.

He commented...

I see such physical and tangible projects (as the APEC buildings and changes to Ela Beach) as something people can see, touch, feel and experience 'development' to appreciate and take ownership of and responsibility for.

Australia which has been a long standing traditional development partner has been focused on skills gap capacity building which is intangible.

Our few privileged people who are able to travel abroad are able to experience the tangible environment which causes a paradigm shift that turns the world they know on its head.

Now with China increasing its presence in the region and the country with its focus on tangible infrastructure projects and especially to build transport infrastructure capacity, this is bringing drastic physical change into our very own solid shores.

This will exposed a majority of our masses who I know will get to experience the paradigm shift experienced by the few privileged who got to travel and experience these overseas.

Plus our people do not need the hassle, bustle and strenuous task of preparing travel documents (passports, visas, NID cards and etc) to come and experience it in the cities. Overall I think such physical developments will herd and force people into changing."

I found this an interesting comment. But I shuddered to think of the implications..

I heard on the news today that the old shortwave transmission band that used to operate for Radio Australia, now a defunct service, has been taken over by Radio China.

How shorted sighted by Oziland and a salient lesson to all on how not to win and hearts and minds.

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