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02 June 2018


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Allyn - Great to read your article on Tumat Sogolik. He was indeed robbed of the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in 1978.

All three of the boxers you mention - Tumat, Martin Beni, and John Aba - were skilful and always good value to watch.

Both you and the late John Stuntz contributed greatly to the development of boxing and rugby league in PNG.

I went to Moresby in 1970, was transferred south at the end of 1973, but returned in 1977 until 1981. My time there was wonderful, the country stunning, great people, and so much potential with the natural resources, magnificent diving, mountains and scenery to explore.

After all the rubbish of parliament where the dumbs are becoming dumber, this is truly a feel good story. Thank you Allyn Hicks.

Indeed boxers like Tumat Sogolik, Martin Beni and John Aba united the country through sports. Everybody was glued to their radio sets in those days when a major event was broadcast live.

And I still remember the names of the sports commentators of the time - one of whom is David Nema from Ialibu in the Southern Highlands Province. I later met him in Wabag when he was the station manager here at Radio Enga, 'Krai bilong Miok'.

Now, we have female weightlifters from Hanuabada and a female road runner from the highlands doing the country proud.

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