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20 May 2018


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The Health Minister is supposed to be advocating for the department? Where is he? What good is it to show case a building for APEC when our grassroots people don't get the basic health care?

Professor Mola has been in PNG a long time and can't be far off retirement. He's weathered attacks from government politicians over his long tenure but I'm guessing this current lot will be baying for his blood in earnest. All we can do is wish him well and congratulate him on speaking out. PNG has really reached the pits.

The biggest question of all - how has the Secretary for Health kept his job for so many years?

Comments which started pouring in on social media have been overwhelming. Some of them:

‘We are doomed to hell. Whoever is going to church, please pray without ceasing….we have been neglected by our very own leaders.’

‘We deserve to die because we supported corruption.’

‘Losing faith in this government already. It has failed the people big time.’

‘Ol money from natural resources ya ol go raun lo America na ol no kam bek yet na that’s why nogat money long country to buy drugs or for other development purposes. Yumi wait, a miracle might happen tomorrow.'

‘The light in PNG is getting dimmer and dimmer every day… a very sad state of affairs in the country.’

‘Let's hope that PNC [main party in the governing coalition] will deliver PNG.’

‘Not enough money? Corruption? Who knows…’

‘What has happened with that annual K300 million plus contract awarded to Borneo Pharmaceuticals to procure medical drugs, kits, equipment to all medical facilities across the country?'

The last comment is a legitimate question and I wonder if the Minister for Health has an answer for it.

The story has gone viral here in Wabag.

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