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20 May 2018


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Rashmii - Thanks for sharing this information.

I got fresh and many new ideas on the possibilities of organising a writers conference.

The writers in PNG will feel privileged to have writers festivals to gather the writers, publishers and readers, to take the writing in PNG to the next stage.

Perhaps in some way connected - though in what way I'm not sure (haven't given it thought!) but I remembered having written something awhile back about a writer's process, reason for doing so etc :

Queensland has long been at the forefront of literature in Australia, right from the early days. A lot of it came out of regional areas but Brisbane has certainly contributed its fair share. In that sense I don't think there's any question about Brisbane as a literary centre.

Writers in PNG would also be aware that it was a Brisbane-based arm of publisher Jacaranda that produced Vincent Eri's groundbreaking novel, The Crocodile.

I'm a great fan of self-publishing, especially in it's modern iteration. Among other things it can free up a writer to pursue their own ideas rather than be constrained by market trends - that's a huge relief if you are dedicated and not driven by economic imperatives.

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