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14 May 2018


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A good man doing a good, and much-needed, job of rescuing UNITECH from the pit into which it was toppling. A couple of years ago I was pleased to welcome him as a visitor to University of Cambridge, and I hope to see him again in England some time soon.

This is outrageous. The entire academic community should protest in public. Justice for Dr Schram.

Why go down that low? He's done a lot for Unitech within a short period of this how we reward him?

Have the policemen arrested those council members who were found guilty of mismanagement? I don't understand.

The employer has every right to hire and fire its employees. But this seems extreme. There is no need to prosecute Dr. Schram and put him through personal and financial difficulties. Someone needs to exercise common sense and let him go.

The whole world is indeed watching PNG.

The international community is right now helping victims of the recent 7.5 magnitude earth quake in Hela, Foreign government's are helping PNG host APEC, powerful leaders from the world's super powers will soon descend on Port Moresby.

The arrest of Dr Albert Schram must be stopped by concerned authorities. If Dr Schram's enemies do not want him in PNG, he will gladly go. He has a country of his own.

I don't think Dr Schram came here to seek fame and wealth.

Madness, Ali Baba O'Neill's Loony Eliteland.

A disgraceful episode of abuse and possible malfeasance against Dr Schram, and the reputation of Unitech by as yet unrevealed Powers-That-Be.

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