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30 May 2018


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The whole of PNG expects Donald Trump to come for the APEC meeting this September.

But with the current Dr Schram fiasco making headline news around the world, sample these few extracts from a Donald Trump speech directed at Nigerian leaders which might also have a message for PNG since we are black and our ancestors came in the direction of Africa...

"….The America we know today was not created by wishful thinking. We created it at the expenses of intelligence, sweat, and blood.....we do not pretend like other whites that we like the blacks - We must admit, without any fear, that we don't like them, and for so, so, many valid reasons...."

Daniel's quote continues for a number of paragraphs which I won't reproduce they come from a hoax speech currently circulating PNG that has been on the internet rounds for some years attributed to various white leaders including Botha, Netanyahu, Trump and probably others. Sometimes the word 'jews' is substituted for 'blacks'. It is white supremacist rubbish and racist in both conception and execution - KJ

Seems advantageous that PNG has a Minister for Police well abreast relevant aspects of portfolio.

His maiden speech mentioned the constabulary as ‘key’, of ‘proud history’, of meritorious conduct, and of [hope for national] ‘law and order’.

Moreover, at court, he himself has survived allegations ‘found to be incompetent’.

(Loop PNG, 19/1/2018 and 28/9/2017)

Mind however, impartial policing is reportedly scarce in SABL areas.

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