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18 May 2018


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William Dunlop

Paul - Where would the consultative bods be without the Blind Freddies. Paupers.

Paul Oates

Unfortunately Charlie, this is just a classic example of what happens when there is no central responsibility and therefore any accountability for the $50m in taxpayer funds that reportedly has been wasted.

Who made the commitment? Who made the decision and who was responsible for the management and spending on the 50 million?

This seems to be a microcosm of the total AusAid budget but perhaps that's no surprise is it?

Diffused responsibility means no responsibility. You don't need an investigation or even a government committee to waste more more taxpayer dollars discovering that fact.

Plan of action: Target the Minister responsible. Come up with a better plan. Put it to the Minister and then wait for nothing to happen..... Wait a minute? Those of us at the Attitude have been doing that for years...

Look at what happened when we worked to come up with a suggested way ahead for PNG/Australian relations? The current minister for DFAT didn't even respond.

Look at what happened when the PNGAA suggested a named and historically identified sponsorship scheme to help PNG and Australian students to learn about each other's countries? A terse dismissal from the DFAT Minister even though there is a similar scheme with Indonesia!

It seems like there needs to be a better perspective to identify the real problem and it doesn't need the proverbial Blind Freddy to identify the source.

Robin Lillicrapp

It must be the responsibility of PNG to protect and promote its own heritage as in the case of Kokoda. If it does not signal vitality and prospect to future parties of interest, is it any wonder that industry dies?

As in many other areas of society, in a "bikman" politically driven environment, the Kokoda issue sees the stifling of initiative by locals in the servicing of what should be a thriving industry.

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