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10 May 2018


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Rounding up is caught out. But then, news is rather often rounded up. Mostly pollies do it, and news editors stoop, err, swoop on it, for dramatic effect.

Yet administrative staff holding status of high public office? Now that is a loose lip, err, slip.

Devalues a chap's credibility. Devalues mechanism in play at appointment. Devalues the selector(s).

Next, looking to identify monetary holding, current status, loosely lipped, err, clipped detail...
Oh, dear, loosely a lip, err, blip in a press release... oh dear can't anyone fix erratas? Errants?

Minister for Education Nick Kuman refuted Chief Secretary Lupari's claim of the K50 million in trust account (accounts) stating that there was only K49 million kina in the trust account and that was already paid out. There is no money.

Issac Lupari should be ashamed of telling lies to the people of PNG.

Isaac Lupari is the same guy who said, along with O'Neill and Marape, that the PNG LNG proceeds were banked in a trust account at the Bank of PNG. Turned out not to be so.

And later the three argued strongly that the PNG LNG and oil prices were locked in and would not be affected by the slump in prices. Again they were shamed by not talking straight to the nation.

Due to this incompetency, the government did not take adequate precautionary measures in preparedness for the looming slump in the prices. How can anybody ever trust these three?

Lupari, do not shift the blame. People in the Education Department are not stupid.

The idea of TFF is basically not to give full component of money to schools but to subtract some away for personal gain in terms of TFF Kits paid to pacific trade for stationeries which were not supplied to schools. What a total waste either for whose gain?

Neat FRANK assessment. From o'realing and looping lips come max o'misleadings. Sad for PNGers.

Next prank abasement? Bottoming barrels, no plums to prune. Buai acquires status of legal currency?

In the pre-independence era, pupils brought their own food to school on a weekly basis. Has PNG reverted to that despite all the oil and minerals? If so, it can only be because of corruption, theft and incompetence.
The incompetence displayed by the Chief Secretary in attempting to explain the current situation is mind boggling. One thing parents can be sure of is that if the money were available to the Education Department, Dr Kombra would ensure it gets to schools.

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