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09 May 2018


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Rashmii Bell

A small step but beneficial as it was for me (non-journalist), investing in our female journalists to attend a Women In Media event might be a good starting point. Investment from governernment (PNG, Aus), private and public sectors and philanthropy.

I was priveleged to have Keith's invitation and sponsorship to attend the WIM (MEAA) event on the Gold Coast late 2017. I can think of Leiao Gerega, Yombi Kep and Ogia Miamel as journalists that I'd like to see participate in this informative, inspiring and challenging forum.

Increased exposure to these learning environments may facilitate PNG journalism making an impression on the necessary reporting of national and bi-lateral relations (with Australia) issues as is being done so well by the likes of Lauren Beldi, Jo Chandler, Kerri Worthington, Helen Davidson.

Paul Oates

We need to address the essence of what the problem is. Neither country can really relate to each other. Only those who have lived and worked in PNG have an insight into the PNG people and their country.

Those who travel the Kokoda Track and other tourist spots are really only scratching the surface. As a previous Scout Leader it was very obvious that boys who had never experienced the bush and sitting round camp fires telling yarns and cooking their own food suddenly started to relate to a totally different set of values and objectives.

True, the dratted mobile phones had only just started to arrive but had not then ruined the outdoors with their incessant demand for attention. The world was still able to be enjoyed without Facebook, Twitter and all the bloody ‘Apps’ that we are now constantly being told we must download.

Perhaps PNG Attitude could foster the equivalent of what used to be known as ‘pen friends’? Might there be a supervised contact notice board (minus e mail addresses) where young people from each country can communicate as we do here on the Attitude?

Perhaps fostering a ‘teacher to teacher’ role in supervision of a public notice board between ‘sister schools’ and could help promote contact and an information flow between students?

Could you ex chalkies or maybe Rotary get something like that going or is it already being done?

Francis Nii

Can something like ASOPA be established but with the name School of PNG-Australia Relationship (SoPAR) where aspiring leaders in the relationship and affairs of our two nations can be trained and groomed with all this important factors that will improve and strengthened our relationship.

Mi tingting planti na tingting moa yet long dispela presentation belong Keith. How em i ken wok long policy level ino nau tasol but bihain taim tu em bai orait.

Daniel Kumbon

I sometimes wonder why Rupert Murdoch's media empire could see a rotation of journalists from both countries working in either countries in some sort of internal arrangement.

Valuable friendships could be established between Post Courier journalists and those working for Mr Murdoch's newspapers in Australia.

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