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07 May 2018


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"Students who are forced to struggle to complete their studies after one or both their parents have died understand what life is and quickly learn what they need to do to succeed."

These words are so true, Daniel. My dad passed on when my siblings and I were still in school primary to university) but he invested so much in our education that we stood strong and managed to continue and complete our education.

Despite the many setbacks, it's just amazing seeing children being successful in life like Kolly. Very inspirational story.

Arrival at a vantage point for reflection can be stunningly satisfying. Savour it, Kolly Koka.

Well done. Thank you for sharing. Much more may await, perhaps some to test flexibility and tenacity.

In that you attribute attainment to a "mum had faith" and to "a lot people began to help", can this outsider offer a further reflection item, by reference to the PNG Constitution where there appears the word "equity"?

If there is to be more the opportunity for all to seek to attain, then more prominence will be required for the intention of inclusion of equity at every aspect of nurture and nationhood.

Go Kolly Koka, the world is there for you to claim. Make your mark.

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