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08 May 2018


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Jarrod Tappin

Can anyone confirm that the Boroko Hotel is gone now? Appears to be looking at Google maps. My mother worked there in the early 60s and I’m visiting Moresby soon.

Lindsay F Bond

People use words from their existing observations and nominations and so saddle the beast of each current opportunity, looking to ride to further advantage.

For example, look at labels applied in the arena of information communication technology. Ol spik, nu ting?

Would saddle (for horse) fit purpose when tied to 'giraffe'? Useful only for idea sharing.

From rural PNG to raucous Mosbi comes a dromendary, a camel, the riding of which awaits to be mounted.

The hump of the beast is a sociological forefront of quite exhilarating opportunity not seen in villages.

Language and labels will evolve as cohesion and community constrain and corral. Hopefully, creatively.

Daniel Kumbon

Jordan, it was migrants who took over America and Australia. They developed these lands to the powers they are today. Compare the world problems and our own domestic problems - the same as experienced by people everywhere. Problems will always be there it seems.

Garry Roche

It is not unusual that 'migrants' become more industrious than 'asples' locals.

It used to be that most of the PMV buses and taxis in POM were run by Western Highlanders, I do not know if that is still the case.

Chimbu people tend to be industrious in agriculture no matter where they go. I remember asking students at Trinity Teachers College where they came from.

When one student told me he came from Chimbu, I asked what part of Chimbu he came from and he answered "Six Mile!" - which is of course a Port Moresby suburb near the airport.

But there has also been a lot of migration from Sepik area to POM and to places like new Britain, Madang and Morobe.

Jordan Dean

We've witnessed a lot of problems associated with such migration in Port Moresby, Lae and the recent dispute in Madang. Maybe it's time we introduce the Vagrancy Act to control highlanders migrating unnecessarily to coastal towns.

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