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22 May 2018


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This is a bold "catch me if you can" statement from an out and out crook. He's been flaunting our laws left to right and now he's doing it in Australia all at our expense.

Crooks, cronies and fans of O'Neill sabotaging our country through their their corruption.

.... and wow, here we are struggling here with high rentals, lousy packages and high rates of food prices ....

He was voted into parliament in 2012. Somehow between mid 2012 and 2015 (less than 3 years) he amassed a wealth of more than $1.7 million to purchase the property at Brookfield Road.

A little bit of mathematics will show us that $1.77 million plus $1.1 million will give us $2.87 million. Plus another $3 to $5 million for the proposed development. That will give us an estimated total of $6 to $8 million in total.

How did he manage to amass all that money from his pay packet between mid 2012 and 2015?

His PNG gardening business would surely not rake in such huge amounts overtime because of the uncommercial nature of this type of business in PNG.

There needs to be an investigation into this matter to clear the air.

'You can never know the secret affairs of a girl until you see her walk around in public with a swollen stomach' is an old Engan saying

I wonder whether this is the people's money he is using to build his home.

Obviously a dual citizen... needs a by-election.

Why PNG politicians like to build luxury homes in Australia when their people struggle to find a decent home in their own land.

Why PNG politicians send their kids to overseas schools to be educated when we have public schools in PNG where every other kid is expected to get their education.

Why PNG politicians seek medical assistance overseas when we have public hospitals in PNG where everyone is expected to seek medical assistance when they are ill.

Why PNG Politicians invest or buy properties in other countries when they cannot invest in the welfare of their own people and country.

There is something seriously wrong somewhere.

I wonder where Mr PNG Gardener got all this money to buy properties in Australia. From his orchid sales?

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