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21 May 2018


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Subsidised education is malfunctioning in the education system in Papua New Guinea.

The prime minister and the education minister need to devise a more reliable concept to dispatch TFFE sufficiently and effectively to schools for the effective administration of school operations and also for better academic turnout.

What the current situation does is play a hide and seek game in diverting rightful funds for other purpose and even for personal gain.

Mauswara man. PM O’Neill speaking at the Eight Pacific Islands Leaders’ Meeting (PALM 8) today in Iwaki City, in Japan:

“This is particularly important in delivering the foundations for any healthy economy, particularly such as sectors including education and healthcare."

The Education Minister holds the truth to the TFF funding issue, he knows well there is no funding while the prime minister and his chief secretary trying to cover up and tell lies to the country that there is funding available and education department will distribute.

The noble thing to do is for the minister to tell the truth and resign from the portfolio and from PNC party. The party will crumble and collapse exposing all the truth. This is what the nations is waiting a true highlander and Simbu man, NKK should resign.

There is no such thing as free education - it is subsidised education by the PNG government and the national economy cannot sustain this program in the long run. Politicians use it as an expedient campaign tool and that is all.

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