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06 May 2018


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A comment I just posted on the ESP Forum re this article..

So what is the message here? The cost of setting up the Frieda River mine will be huge. It would be easy to see the ESP wasting a lot of time and effort on this and the social and economic development of the villages would be neglected.

For too long the government of PNG has thought about the mines being the answer to all their problems but that is not the answer. The way to a better developed country is by enabling every person, whether they are in the town or village to have a healthier life, to be better educated, to be helped to set up small businesses.

They need to be helped into the formal economy where they can have a regular income working for private enterprise, running their own SMEs or a public servant.

The "Resource Curse" has been at work in PNG and it has to be overcome.

It would be fine to put the Frieda River mine on hold..until the country has worked harder at helping to develop agriculture... get the rice growing to stop rice imports... get the cash crops growing e.g. fruit and vegetables of all kinds, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, rubber, copra, oil palm, nuts, etc etc

The people also need to work out ways to develop a good form of tourism that will help to save their traditional arts and crafts, dances and music, and make use of their natural God given wonders... the mighty Sepik River basin, the magnificent Wewak island beaches, the coastal beaches,

The mines only last for a few years but these natural resources will last forever if valued and maintained. And they can provide a good regular income for all the people and their standard of living will slowly improve.

There will no longer be this rift between the rich and the poor. .. the Haves and the Have-nots.

Look at Hela... utter devastation from the earthquake... living in emergency tents.... but the LNG Exxon/Mobil is up and running making millions for someone... but it doesn't trickle down to these poor people of Hela.

I could see the same thing happening in the Sepik if the Chinese Government, who own the company who own the Frieda River mine, are allowed to have their way and go ahead with this mine.

This mine needs so much time and effort and all the other projects will be neglected and all we will talk about all day will be the mine and it wont help us very much. It is a curse.

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