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05 May 2018


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Barbra Grace

Thank you Keith for your contribution to PNG.

Francis Nii

Can Keith Jackson's CREATTE idea be formalised and taught at universities as a sub strand under Australia-PNG Relations strand within the political science faculty as way to drive CREATTE forward.

I don't know how that can be done but just a loud thought. If it (CREATTE) cannot be immediately embrassed at the political level, why not plant the seed at the academic level?

Gabriel Ramoi

A truly honest article capturing historical timelines and conclusions. I like CREATTE.

Barbara Short

Love your comment, Phil. I'm all for "PNG".

We now have some great fellows who have been elected MPs who do not seem to be infatuated by the "Bright Lights" of Moresby but have a love for their own provinces and are keen to tackle all the problems there.

Hopefully Australians will support them in any way we can. Hopefully the Australian government will produce some MPs who can appreciate the true "PNG" and hence support it.

Surely one day PNG will have a PM who also loves PNG and will turn his attention to the ordinary people and shun all the grandstanding in Buckingham Palace and at APEC meetings.

The problems are many... the schools, the curriculum, the hospitals, the medicines, the roads, the Land Titles, the development of commercial agriculture, marketing, the development of SMEs, development of tourism, town planning, law and order, youth development, squatter settlements,

Keith CREATTE - conjointness, responsibility, equality, authenticity, transparency, transformational, ethical - sounds great.

I want to see a truthful, honest, fair and understanding relationship.

Philip Fitzpatrick

There are two countries just to our north Keith.

One is called Papua New Guinea and the other is called Port Moresby. They don't have a lot in common at all.

If you are interested in bright lights and razzmatazz go to Port Moresby but if you are after a down to earth and wholly more pleasant experience go to Papua New Guinea.

Come the not too distant future Port Moresby is going to have a very rough time indeed while Papua New Guinea will still be its old self, rolling with the tide and blowing gently in the breeze.

Whether Papua New Guinea will help Port Moresby out when it crashes is hard to tell. We can only hope, it certainly won't get any help from Oz.

Paul Oates

Great speech Keith and it highlights the problems of PNG's history.

What we see today are the effects of what happens when someone treads on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. The vehicle suffers a 'burn out'.

No one really took Hasluck's concerns seriously or even tried to understand PNG nationalism as those in Canberra pontificated about their own out of touch world.

Nothing has really changed has it until a threat from the north is appreciated?

What worries me is that as we all get ready to go on our last patrol, who will keep the flame burning?

Nogut ol manmeri igo wokabaut lo narapla hap na sitpaia klostu idai pinis.

Robin Lillicrapp

You certainly led an adventurous career in those halcyon days.

PNG Attitude has become a fitting endeavor to give voice to those resisting tyranny and corruption.

I can't help but think PNG is caught on the cliff's edge of globalism with its push to develop a "brave new world" wherein all the cherished perceptions of yesteryear are swallowed up by the constant press of agendas designed to "rebuild the tower of Babel."

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