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29 April 2018


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Lindsay F Bond

A visual substantiveness, an image of knowledgeable-ness, a measure of Menzies meaningfulness, urging on “a long job ahead of us … and we intend to complete it”.

Perhaps for his hearers, was he suggesting a point of arrival? A point in time, a point in ties, or a point in tilt?

Partial for his sway, however, for Menzies, the Dalfram episode put paid to part of his licence. Isaacs (retired Governor General and High Court Judge) likened coercion of a private citizen (Menzies as Attorney General threat of use of the Transport Workers Act) to a “dictator’s rule.”

Less than a decade later, Whitlam loosed the grip, evidencing arrival of a pointed tip.

That is not to say or even to suggest, that ties are or ought be severed. Rather the reverse.

As so many contributors to PNG Attitude make clear, is the abundance of mutual respect and attributions of admiration that have and continually arise from person to person engagements, in both directions for PNGers and Australians. Among others too.

So, may it be, Menzies’ words yield more if not intended at that saying…”we intend to complete it”?

Mark Schubert

My sentiments precisely Keith. I despair at the ignorance in Canberra, indeed the lack of interest in PNG but as a location for Australia's convenience. The blank eyes from Australian government officials or politicians that greet any reminder of or reference to the past responsibility the generation before them had in PNG is an indication of the shallowness of our own politics.
Yet the people-to-people links are strong. I did hear a couple of years ago, from my (PNG) wife when she was Pacific Islands Advocacy Officer in Logan, that there are about 15,000 PNG people in Queensland, alone, which included their offspring.
Measures that could be taken initially, could be for example, greater ease of entry for PNG citizens to Australia, than other passport holders.
Thanks for your observations!

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