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19 April 2018


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Thank you, Leiao. I really appreciate your comment. Will aim to have something across to Post Courier's feature pages sometime this year.

Quite enjoyed reading this. Rashmii represents us well in both countries. Our Post-Courier feature is back and running this Friday, hope to see something of yours published. Please do send.

Rashmii, here are two emails for Patrick Levo at the post. and


Many thanks to Rashmii for agreeing to be interviewed for Pacific Conversations. It was a privilege to spend time with you and to learn more about the writing/literary culture of PNG. Looking forward to some big moves in this space in the next little while.

Thanks Daniel and Phil. Please send through Patrick Levo's details.

I quite enjoyed (good laughs) that piece run some time ago: en expansion of an email interaction between KJ and Patrick.

I will add that throughout the past year, Leiao Gerega has done a fantastic job of encouraging the MWTE writers to contribute the Weekender supplement.

Leiao is a reporter with Post Courier, as well as one of the 45 women contributors of MWTE.

Dr Tess Newton Cain is a staunch supporter of PNG Writers and we were delighted to have her company at the Brisbane launch of MWTE in March 2017.

She continues to be actively engaged with the PNG community (in-person, online, across social media) and the political, policy and development issues of all Pacific nations.

Along with a few from the PNG Attitude community (mentioned in previous articles), Dr Newton Cain has provided invaluable mentoring and creating opportunities for me contribute to the efforts of developing a sustainable literary culture. I am most appreciative.

You can read (link below) about the work of her organisation TNC Pacific Consulting:

I was pleased to be invited to be interviewed for her 'Pacific Conversations' series (published via ANU's DevPolicy blog) although I was rather nervous.

However, it was a positive experience. I can only improve at refining and articulating better the responses I give during in-person interviews.

I support the idea of having literary festivals and book shows in PNG.

I think Keith had an open agreement with Pat to use anything he liked on PNG Attitude. The same courtesy was extended to other publications.

Pat was editor of the Weekend Post Courier but after he left the practice seemed to die off. Now he's back it would be great to get it going again.

As you say, it would be a good way to broaden the reach of PNG attitude contributors.

How about it Pat?

Thanks for this Tess.

And Rashmii, your voice as well as a couple of other PNG women commentators is sharp and clear.

Consider contacting the features editors of the Post Courier and The National and get your stories published in PNG as well so more people here can have access to the ideas you generate.

I have contact details for Patrick Levo who is now back at the Post Courier.

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