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26 April 2018


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The duplicity and double speak make it appear that this is public money secreted away and misused.

The fact is that many of these accounts are true Trust Accounts holding private beneficiary monies - they are not government trust accounts holding public money.

In 2014 the government emptied some private trust accounts holding resource owners money that the agencies held on trust.

The government then misused the cash for its own purposes. Notably millions were paid straight to the Department of Prime Minister.

Now, by the simple expedient of passing a statute without public consultation, the State can empty any account it wishes under the guise of responsible fiscal management. Not borrow, but take.

There was no stashing of money - just responsible trust management which left a pot of cash to be taken. Of 40 odd million taken from Forestry Trust Accounts approximately half went to the slush fund known as DSIP. This was not and could never be public money.

If you are going to steal it, at least have the decency to tell the people you are doing so.

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