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23 April 2018


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Why is the Honourable Governor being so defensive in his responses to this issue? Any Tom, Dick and Mary can see all the 'red flags' popping up everywhere in this deal.

This is blatant waste of money and financial abuse at its best.
Where there is smoke, there is fire.

We don't necessarily need a yoga program right now when the country is up to its neck with debts. This is clearly a case of having the cart before the horse.

Lifestyle is an option that people choose. It is not mandatory or constitutional for everyone to take up yoga. If you wish to take yoga sessions, by all means do so at your own expense. Not tax payers money.

What pay a yoga instructor K250,000 per month when our health care system is deteriorating. We have a low life expectancy. Malaria, TB and other curable diseases continue to plague us.

How many people in NCD have a take home pay of over K5,000 per fortnight? How many people own cars? How many people live a fancy lifestyle and dine in hotels every day? My best guess is that 95 percent of us living in Port Moresby have a net pay of less than K1,000 after tax, loan deductions and paying skyscraper rentals. We eat rice and tinned fish. We power walk and sweat profusely in hot sun every day.

So who does the yoga program benefit? It benefits the 5 percent well-to-do citizens and business class.

Such a pathetic program. Someone thinks we can yoga our problems away!

Thanks, Francis. I good summing up. Be interesting to see if anything is done about it.
Yes, "Justice" constantly deferred and dismissed is very dubious!

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