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21 April 2018


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Ross Wilkinson

And a further point of clarification regarding the use of the term "Tultul". From the perspective of the government the "Luluai" was the officially appointed Headman through whom the kiap would communicate instructions and government policy to the villagers of the Luluai's area.

The Tultul was appointed to act as the interpreter or "Tanimtok" when the kiap wanted to address the village people direct. He would speak to the people in Tok Pisin and the Tultul would interpret that into Tok Ples.

The Luluai's badge had that title on it and the Tultul's badge had the word "Tultul" instead.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Just a note about the name 'Simbu' as opposed to 'Chimbu'.

During the 1930s when Europeans first entered what is now Chimbu Province they heard the gratitude exclamation, ‘sipuuu’ during the exchange of trade goods for food. So they called the area and its people Chimbu, which is now the legal name of the province.

Several of the provincial governments have changed the names of their provinces, including changing the spelling of Chimbu to Simbu. The change has been accorded popular acceptance but remains unofficial, as the provinces are creatures of the Constitution and official changes of name would require amendments to the Constitution using the prescribed amending formula.

So far this hasn't happened so Simbu is still officially Chimbu, just like Oro is still officially Northern.

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