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20 April 2018


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Women lived in much fear in Port Moresby in the 1980s. In 1985 the Army was deployed on the streets to maintain a curfew to curb the lawlessness. Countless women were raped in their homes.

I took my wife to the city for the first time amidst all these problems. I mention all this in my book ‘I Can See My Country Clearly Now’ which can be accessed freely above.

I expressed my anger at the attacks on innocent women in a poem which I published itin the UPNG Enga Students Association Yearbook.

I also recently republished it in my book, 'Can’t Sleep’ which is a compilation of poems, essays and satire written by Engans and non Engans living in the province. Its available on Amazon and other book dealers.

The Poem....

I had flown before with childish glee
This time in the company of a loved one
in fear
Sipping orange juice
was like a short lived
Dendrobium Engae in full blossom
Flying to the place where PIR men
walk the streets
the smile from the hostess
on Air Niugini’s flight 155 comforts
But is that smile a silhouette from a lady
trained to smile?
Concealing peril lived by women in Moresby?

Ah.. to Australia where dingoes attack in packs
To Egypt where locusts destroy in swarms
To South America where piranha infest brown rivers
To Africa where hyenas hunt in packs
And to Port Moresby where
Vicious packs force animal desire
on defenceless women

Think then
At the base of a hill digging kaukau
in a canoe catching fish
strolling along the beach
collecting shells
in a house chewing buai
Live freely a rapist’s own
Sister, mother or wife
Do not enslave other women
Behind locked doors
Set them free
Let the be
To roam free

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