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03 April 2018


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It just makes me feel sick all the time when we read of all these bad things in PNG. Me les.

Consider this.

In the last five years ICAC has been canned, the Public Accounts Committee has been stripped of its powers to investigate any matter it deems of importance (by the amended PFMA), Ombudsman powers are circumscribed, Auditor General stripped of funding, 20 PAC reports untabled in the National Parliament, Task Force Sweep disbanded, Fraud Squad prevented from conducting investigations and public finances corralled into plunderable accounts and much, much more.

Hence, no money for health, education, social equity or anything else except the cadres who control the public purse. Shame!

All the clamps on theft and fiscal mischief are gone.

I was saddened to see the news report on how badly off the women and children are in the highlands especially after the earthquake. Poor governance at its worst.

An interesting report.

A lot of its recommendations were contingent on the election of a new and honest parliament in 2017. Instead the same old crooks were re-elected.

That said, the report deals exclusively with PNG's macro corruption problems, which are horrendous but apart from those directly affected have little impact on the average citizen.

It is the micro corruption that most impacts on your average Papua New Guinean. The bank tellers charging a 10% commission to cash a cheque or the local councillor demanding a cut when handing out development funds, that sort of thing.

The report recommends ethics training for new public servants and politicians. Perhaps that is something that should be taught in schools too.

When you mix corruption with incompetence, which seems to be the hallmark of just about everything that happens in PNG, it is difficult to unravel.

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