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23 April 2018


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An interesting read. Especially about Wanigela. Sadly the airstrip is no longer in use and the only means to arrive there is via Tufi.

The mission station and its infrastructure remain (albeit no longer in it's former glory). Would love to see pictures from then to compare to its current state.

Those were the days Daniel as you say, all on side with stride and pride.
Similarly, then, many landing strips like Wanigela, were complete and neat.

Interesting reading Terry.

I saw two army patrols (at different times) walk past my school - Kandep Primary 'T' School - in the 1960s. I don't know exactly when. They were headed south towards Mendi in the Southern Highlands.

Later, I heard how they were resupplied from the air and how fast their food cooked. Maybe they were boiling noodles and not rice at Kambia where they camped.

These patrols, if I may guess, must have come from Moem Barracks in Wewak. I stood my ground and gazed at them with wonder as they filed past in two neat columns (nobody staggered behind) with their loads complete with a rifle each.

They looked tough and fit unlike today's soldiers - most of whom seem to have potbellies at young ages.

Terry, that 'medical sister' Helen Roberts, stayed on and her remains are there interred.
Mid 1970 for a few days, I was accommodated by Sr Helen, but without a camera.
Any chance you might have a photo or two showing the then Mission infrastructure, school and such?

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