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21 March 2018


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Philip Fitzpatrick

The Turnbull government won't accept New Zealand's generous offer to resettle 150 refugees per year because it fears that will make it easy to them to transit on to Australia.

And yet it is happy for them to resettle in PNG, where transiting to Australia is so much easier - a few kina and a fast boat across Torres Strait.

The gun-runners, drug dealers and the odd terrorist have worn a useful route for them to use already - see the OIC police in Kikori, hand over the necessary, a quick boat ride to Daru and then a run to any number of isolated settlements in North Queensland.

As for the problem of diminishing sovereignty Robin, be assured, Trump is working on it.

Robin Lillicrapp

Watna has certainly grasped the essence of that elusive common sense element regarding this argument. On the other hand, how can PNG act "sovereignly" when it is given over to a globalist future?

We in this world have moved way past sovereign borders and ethnic distinction in pursuit of that Utopian idyll suggested within a conformity with, and co-dependence upon UN charters and treaties that override constitutions and effectively deny sovereignty.

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