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19 March 2018


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Charlene Namu

Couldn't stop smiling while reading this piece, brother. Covers every area that defines a Papua New Guinean.

Ward Barry

Haha! Perhaps the beauty of art lies in the fact that each of us can find ourselves represented among its dots and strokes​. I hope Peter — and all other Peters like him — don't survive the third round.

Michael Dom

Ha,ha,ha! It made my evening entertaining to read this double barrel shot from Wardley Barry.

A duel of the poetic sort but not to hit the mark he seems to aim at (to some maybe). Reminds me of Robert Francis poem, Pitcher:

"His art is eccentricity, his aim
How not to hit the mark he seems to aim at,

His passion how to avoid the obvious,
His technique how to vary the avoidance.

The others throw to be comprehended. He
Throws to be a moment misunderstood.

Yet not too much. Not errant, arrant, wild,
But every seeming aberration willed.

Not to, yet still to communicate
Making the batter understand too late."

Strike three, you're out Peter!

Ward Barry

Indeed it is. Thank you Keith.

Ward Barry

It might seem like a duel, Phil and Keith, but I assure you it's certainly not. I just got out of 3-4 months of hibernation and I think I've rediscovered my mojo.

If anything, blame it on the suppression of the soul and the unruly compulsion for expression. A poet is never at rest until his thoughts find their place on paper.

In any case, I wouldn't dream of coming up against a class act like Michael. We have mutual respect for each other's work.

Our works are by and large complementary, for we have a common enemy - Peter, the pumpkin eater, and a couple of others.

It's great to see PNG producing poets of real calibre whose work is so pleasing to read - KJ

Lindsay F Bond

If of non-geniuses, yet also genuine, painim relief.

Philip Fitzpatrick

We might have some duelling poets here Keith.

Lovely imagery and irony.

We certainly do and it's an absolute joy to see such luxuriant talent on display from Ward and Michael - KJ

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