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31 March 2018


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Lindsay F Bond

As easily seen online from satellite imagery, and for some duration, a weight of logging has been loading onto vessels at Wanigela and Pongani. This to some extent appears monitored by PNG Customs Department.

As earnestly a follower of forestry facts, Member of Ijivitari Richard Masere has questioned Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa about the monetary trickle flowing through PNG Departments of Customs and Finance and Treasury, as it appears some trust of funds is at the office of Forestry Minister, and identified as logging export development levies – LEDL.

As expectedly for PNG governance, Mr Tomuriesa spoke of "a major delaying factor", and guess what, its them other departments, not one with 'would' in it.

Lindsay F Bond

More mapping of the issue? Not only at Collingwood Bay?

But then again, all the rite paperwork will likely turn up for other Oro places?

Amazing network of access-ways (not only roads) can be viewed in Mapbox OpenStreetMap, by traversing the image to the hinterland southwest of Deboin (a location at a point (headland) northwest in Oro Province near Mitre Rock.

Map hitherto appearing similarly via Google has yet much obscure imaging.

Question is of interest, and not to imply unauthorised activity is being logged.

Lindsay F Bond

Collingwood Bay tide of tears, muddied from northeast electorate Kiriwina - Goodenough Open.
Oh, no, not good enough. Of Solomon Sea, what wisdom at election?

Gary Juffa

Thanks Keith for your continued support. I appreciate your write up. It's tidier and an improvement on my efforts which were on the spur and off the cuff.

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