First PNG journalism PhD says 'government not present in Hela'
Peter, Peter

Lies and Bullshit


Lies and bullshit that's what we hear,
lies and bullshit from the media:
TVWAN and Post Courier

The National and EMTV,
all of them feeding PNG
quality crap from PNC

Mr SB blabbing BS,
the bitch barking at Peter’s cash
while Rabaul remains in ash

But there’s bigger problems than dust;
the law cannot define what’s just
and we do not know who to trust

Malcolm xWe turn to Facebook and Twitter
where everyone is a preacher.
We take turns sitting on the pews
downloading and applauding fake news

Kramer always raises good points,
Rev Trump never disappoints.
We are converts of popularity.
Truth is measured by likes and shares,
and sympathy is expressed
in politically correct statements and weasel words
– sounds good but doesn’t mean a thing

What is politics but a popular religion
that makes gods out of a few?

Whitewashing genocide in Papua.
We’re always watching, says Australia.
We know you know, says Indonesia,
black bodies pyramid in the streets.
They cover them with leaves and dig large holes

but not to bury them

Truth & liesThere is a tower to build at Wall Street,
and the Queen’s crown must have jewels

Racism is the white’s grand invention.
Discrimination’s at his discretion.
Plundering his only religion.
He kills a black man and befriends his pig.
If ever he feels sorry afterward
he takes the dead man’s wig,
and hangs it on the wall,
next to his college award

Alas! We have too many white people

and they’re all black.

As I wipe a refugee's tears
I come face to face with my own fears.
I am also a refugee
seeking solace in my own country.
And whatever democracy,
stable and strong economy
Peter boasts of in the press release,
I'm still waiting for my release.

HarmfulIt is all just
lies and bullshit

Sweet words don't repay massive loans,
and no prayer can justify
bribing your way to the throne.
No amendment can rectify
a rigged and fraudulent election
and a crooked, corrupt coalition

So we are fed lies and bullshit:
the speeches in the Parliament,
and the tweets from the President;
tips on how to get plus-sized tits;
secrets of getting off the streets…
They are all just lies and bullshit

even this shit


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Ward Barry

Thanks Phil. Black and white would have been just colours had they not been associated with hate, snobbery and separatism.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Lots of juicy stuff in there to contemplate Ward - anger and poetry go well together. And a great entry in a poetry bash.

I particularly like the lines, "Racism is the white’s grand invention", and the reference to 'coconuts': "Alas! We have too many white people - and they’re all black".

I wonder if Europe did indeed invent racism - I can't think who else might have done.

Great tirade (and poem).

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