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25 March 2018


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Philip Kai Morre

PNG has been open to western culture for more than 100 years but the highlands is yet to celebrate its third generation of contact with westerners.

As such maladaption occurs and there are spectrum of disorders, mainly cargo cults, political manipulation, economic frustration and social disorder.

We are trying to adept to a money based society and we become slaves and victims of money based society.

Truly we are regressing backwards as Chris Overland has stated but in different forms, including decline of moral values and norms, regulations of customary laws, lost of some of our good customs, problem solving skills and knowledge, gender roles and responsibilities,land cultivation method, celebrations and more.

We are in a transitional phase and a confused world and are disoriented.

We need to have a culture of morality and social mobility and empowerment to work towards holistic human development.

We need to have a proper political system that respects the aspiration of common people in promoting sustainable development.

Our mode of production must be culturally and kin based and at the same time we must embrace contemporary changes and development to compete with the rest of world.

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