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22 March 2018


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Lindsay F Bond

Around August 2016, PNG's Minister for Forests sought to gain support as reported in PNG Attitude:

Minister Tomuriesa already had some background in seeking to "improve economic and social conditions in remote areas of PNG’s provinces" which seemed a well-placed objective. His province and own home island location exhibit aspects similar to those of Collingwood Bay and hinterland.

Now in responding to claims from Oro Governor Gary Juffa, Minister Tomuriesa is reported calling on stakeholders to stop badmouthing his Ministry and the PNG Forest Authority.

Yet discussion shown at LoopPNG indicates scant support, rather the opposite.

Minister Tomuriesa "said the forestry sector generated K1.4 billion in revenue" although it does not appear over what time scale nor to which organisations derived-wealth accumulated.

To that extent at least, his provision of information is insufficient, and perhaps worse in effect than the Juffa comment "PNG Forest Authority are now so silent".

Minister Tomuriesa spoke of "we are conserving the forest [sic]" yet while only some US$45M is received in donor aid, of that aid, “Brian Schaap, said not a lot of resources are being deployed to conserve PNG's huge forests.”

One major issue is “transfer pricing is taking place in PNG through an undervaluation of log exports”:

Minister Tomuriesa “told Parliament…that the National Executive Council has agreed that the authority became a self-financing organisation.”

While that objective will resonate with governments in many places and PNG, question might be asked of the ranking of priorities, processes and performance. Was that "became" actually 'yet to become'?

Minister Tomuriesa said that at Collingwood Bay, logs are “wasting in the sun.” Hardly a great loss if as “Mr Makamet said LEDL funds are comprise of K8 per round log exports collected at each point of vessel outward clearance by Customs and kept in Trust administered by Secretaries of Finance, Planning and Monitoring and Managing Director of PNG Forest Authority, specifically intended to provide socio-economic and community based services, such as agriculture and infrastructure development projects in the logging areas in the country.”

The waters at Collingwood Bay are indeed shallow and with much reefing, as written in many logs.

Will Self

Oh yeah? have a look at the LOg Export Development Trust Account. K 160 million stolen -m this is money owned by the resource owners but simply taken by fraudulent "projects" and MP's - particularly the Minister for Forests who appointed his personal Secretary to administer the Fund - in breach of the Act.

Lindsay F Bond

For readers who haven't seen tweet by Gary Juffa: "Anselam Foremat and John Kunikas in Wanigela Collingwood stood for their land against illegal logging by company owned by Malaysian Hii Ann Yii and were attacked and injured by the company's thugs. The company ignored them and built a jetty and an access road on their land."

Now is the time to front up as did Anselam Foremat and John Kunikas at Collingwood Bay and stand with Gary Juffa to protect PNG national resource in timber and all other species of tree-covered land of PNG.

The lumbering pillage of timber can be brought to court. If there is any legitimacy in logging, let it be contested in the presence of judges and news media, not brazenly forced by thuggery in remote places.

The iron of juggernauts in this past century of human warfare can be contained and stopped by ingenuity of device, defense and determination. The steel weaponry of extractive stealing can be exposed and impounded awaiting decisions at courts.

Keeping pigs out of food gardens is a matter of fencing, local law and vigilance. Keeping rigs out of forests is a matter of defending, law enforcement and vigilance. Keeping jigs out of administrative offices is a matter of foiling those who are spoiling.

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