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27 March 2018


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Max Phin

Comments are duly noted Harry, however this is not about figures stacking up. These are schemes pre-destined for failure with the figures(K) intended on disappearing into the pockets of those so-called 'pundits'.

Harry Topham

In any proposed business scenario the first step is to conduct a SWOT analysis. If the economic figures don’t stack up, the proposed project then gets swatted.

Over the past 60 or 70 past years there are too many to name of failed business projects in PNG. One of the prime examples of not doing the required homework before proceeding was the failed Mekeo rice project of the 1950/60s.

Maybe the pundits who come up with these business “schemes” need to look outside the square and look at local PNG business operations that through hard work and business acumen by the owners that have succeeded and take some lessons and perhaps advice from those involved rather than just proceeding willynilly with out applying due diligence.

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