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27 March 2018


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Harry Topham

Another Solomon Island debacle in the making perhaps?
Overlooking the old maxim that "Strength lies in Unity".

Ward Barry

We should have treated them as Papua New Guineans a long time ago. Though it saddens me that they will no longer be part of PNG, I am envious of the fact that they will be free from Peter's corrupt tyranny.

Mathias Kin

My honest opinion of how PNG had been run over 40 years now is that soon this country will disintegrate into little states.

This is how it will turn out within twenty years; Bougainville will get independence' New Ireland, East and West New Britain and Manus will join in independence; the two Sepiks, Madang and Morobe will combine; and all Papuan provinces will combine to become one state.

Now the highland will be problematic. However traditionally, most of EHP, Simbu and Jiwaka are linked by traditions and close associations through marriage and trade. They could form one country.

WHP, SHP, Enga and Hella are linked by tradition. They will become a nation.

Of course all these regions are not ready to run as a sovereign nation but the way our national government has let the people down for so long has caused so much frustration and anger among our people.

The people will see this as the only escape from the national government.

Friends, this is my only personal opinion.

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