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Turnbull & O'Neill
Malcolm Turnbull & Peter O'Neill - a handshake & two smirks not enough to prevent a mean & self-interested foreign policy sell-out

EDITORIAL | The Saturday Paper | Extract

MELBOURNE - Here is a headline from November 2015: “Australian tax dollars funding PNG corruption, AFP whistleblower says”.

And from the same month: “Turnbull government accused of ignoring PNG human rights abuses to preserve Manus Island detention centre deal”.

Here is a headline from June 2015: “Bishop calls for calm after PNG deaths”.

And again: “Australia offers PNG government help to prevent unrest after police shooting of student protesters”.

Here is Australia’s crude foreign policy, by turns cheap and buccaneering.

Julie Bishop’s response to police violence in Port Moresby ignored the systemic corruption in Papua New Guinea. It continued a blindness that stumbles, grasping and inept, back to the detention centre on Manus Island. It is the perfect expression of Australia’s stunted place in the region.

The selling of arms to a government accused of war crimes is one thing. So is the bugging of a developing nation to exploit their natural resources. So is the training of a military force engaged in a suspected genocide. So, too, the arbitrary cutting of aid at a time of unprecedented humanitarian need.

Australia’s relationship with the world is increasingly mean and self-interested. In Papua New Guinea there exists its coarsest manifestation: Australia would let an entire country fail for its own brief advantage.

Australia’s foreign policy amounts to pushing a government to act against its own constitution and, on our behalf, imprison hundreds of refugees in an island camp. While this happens, we ignore corruption and economic collapse. Basic institutions fail. The trade-off is that a small and struggling country looks after our human rights abuses for us.

To see Australia in the world is to see a kind of numb amorality. All this happens, and no one seems to care.

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on 10 March 2018 as ‘Neighbour hoods’


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Lindsay F Bond

Accosted by exogenous forces inequitably arrayed
a cohort contrived for advantage not indigenously initiated
Humanity’s Babe, erst self-sufficient, non-dependent, implement-skilled,
proudly wary of its own composition and external competition…
Papua New Guinea dancing, singing, aspiring to be free
a contort contextually for vantage too few for few too new
humanity’s foundling, fondled fleetingly, embraces feeling-free.

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