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24 March 2018


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Bernard Corden

Bliss the Spa at Airways will be doing a roaring trade.

Stephen Charteris

A positive sign, a move in the right direction. Governance yes, but please Ms Bishop more focus on health and education through appropriately designed and sustained partnerships with those operating at the coal face.

This is where Australia has the opportunity to make a significant contribution.

Paul Flanagan

Interesting that prime minister O'Neill has not put out a press release welcoming the foreign minister's visit.

Also interesting in this increasingly contested space of strategic partnerships that O'Neill did put out a press release on 22 March headlined "The United States of America is watching over PNG and sending us their best wishes. They have huge respect for the people of PNG, our prime minister and the safety of our country'.

It was in fact a short note on the PNG earthquake signed by President Trump. It started "Dear Mr (sic) Prime Minister".

It would be good if the US knew how to address PNG's prime minister.

Why do I sometimes fear what is happening in this world?

Will Self

Was that the sound of a stable door slamming shut?

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