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Are you a person who fights for your children? Or a coward?

Governor Gary Juffa
Governor Gary Juffa


ORO - The decisions we make in our todays will determine our children's tomorrows. That's a fact.

So look around you today. Does Papua New Guinea look like it has a bright future?

We all have tribes and we all have families. We all have children. They all expect leadership.

It's leadership today, during these hard times, that will determine our tomorrows’ prosperity.

You have to ask yourself if you are a leader.

Leaders are not just those elected to Parliament or those employed into a position of power or authority.

Leaders are also people who have a family and are in a position to influence others - that makes you a leader.

Then you must ask yourself, ‘what am I doing about the state of our nation?’

So what are you doing about correcting the path PNG has taken towards a dark and bleak future?

Today we are under siege. We are under attack by a small group of evil and selfish criminals who have plundered the past and are plundering the present.

Having had much experience and gained confidence from our inaction and a weak enforcement and justice system, these people have become emboldened to continue plundering an entire country.

Are you waiting for others to act? Are you waiting for something to happen before you act?

Is this not your also country?

Are you also not responsible for your children's tomorrows, for their opportunities, for where they will be?

Can you truly let their fate hang on the decisions made by others while you look away and fold your arms?

How can you live with yourself and look your kids in the eye and admit you failed to act because you wanted someone else to do it?

They will surely ask, "But didn't you love us enough to fight for our tomorrows?"

Remember this when you answer, that if you remained silent about the destruction by political criminals of your nation’s economy, resources and opportunities, you are an accomplice – a co-conspirer against a good future for your children and grandchildren. The opposite of a leader.

That is the truth. So will you be an accomplice or a good father, mother, brother and sister, a patriot, a leader who will rise up and fight today for your children's tomorrow?

It’s your choice – you can be an accomplice or a leader.

It’s a choice that will determine their fate and the fate of our country.


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Michael Dom

Gary Juffa did not vote for the other 110 MP's.

I'm just saying.

Do we relinquish our rights and responsibilities after electing MP's?

Is that what's wrong with democracy?

Was Loki right afterall, that humans really crave subjugation?

JK Domyal

Good set of questions, we concerned citizens often ask and are being asked. Am I going to do something, sure at my family level but not so much at the country level.

We want a change of political leadership, it should start from the Parliament, it should start from the learned politicians, but how - that is the question?

When politicians have other reasons to be on the right side, while we citizens thought, they are on the wrong side!

Governor, you would be in a better position to call in like minded colleagues to make the right move than telling us innocent citizens who shouldered much burden in famlies obligations to support your call for change or think otherwise.

We did our part in the last corrupt election, we cannot do much now.

The Army, Police, students, unions and senior bureaucrats are in one man's court and powerless now, you know the truth so why you asking us the victims to shape our children's future?

These cohorts should be creating the opportunities for us citizens to shape our children's future.

Good Governor, take your call to your colleagues MPs and discuss it. You will see the light end of the tunnel that we prayed for.

Max Phin

It would be very interesting to read the answers to all your stated questions from all your self-serving hypocrite colleagues in parliament Mr Governor.

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