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06 March 2018


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Gary Juffa did not vote for the other 110 MP's.

I'm just saying.

Do we relinquish our rights and responsibilities after electing MP's?

Is that what's wrong with democracy?

Was Loki right afterall, that humans really crave subjugation?

Good set of questions, we concerned citizens often ask and are being asked. Am I going to do something, sure at my family level but not so much at the country level.

We want a change of political leadership, it should start from the Parliament, it should start from the learned politicians, but how - that is the question?

When politicians have other reasons to be on the right side, while we citizens thought, they are on the wrong side!

Governor, you would be in a better position to call in like minded colleagues to make the right move than telling us innocent citizens who shouldered much burden in famlies obligations to support your call for change or think otherwise.

We did our part in the last corrupt election, we cannot do much now.

The Army, Police, students, unions and senior bureaucrats are in one man's court and powerless now, you know the truth so why you asking us the victims to shape our children's future?

These cohorts should be creating the opportunities for us citizens to shape our children's future.

Good Governor, take your call to your colleagues MPs and discuss it. You will see the light end of the tunnel that we prayed for.

It would be very interesting to read the answers to all your stated questions from all your self-serving hypocrite colleagues in parliament Mr Governor.

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