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04 February 2018


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If Oil Search shares are floating, who is buying them. Can the government do something to allow common people to buy shares or only allow transnational companies, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

The monopoly for capitalist is greed, corruption and power and they suppressed the mess of the population with false development agendas.

In few years time, you will see a revolt because our frustrations are building up to a extreme where we can no longer control.

To avoid more problems the government has to do something for the common people. the common people are resource owners and they are integral part of any development taken place in this country.

I have traded Oil Search shares since the early 1970's, using my own money not borrowed.

And now with the Middle East oil consortiums and Russians creating false shortages of petroleum products.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Oil Search break the $A10 barrier in the next few months.

I wonder how many shares Ali Baba O'Neill beneficially owns.

'One of the necessary accompaniments of capitalism in a democracy is political corruption' - Upton Sinclair

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